Our services to artists have been available for many years.

We service proven professionals who understand their craft but do not have the time to manage paperwork. Above everything else we offer, that is one of our most requested specialties.

Artists who use us understand the importance of their craft but also understand that public relations is key. They know how much capital it takes to have an effective marketing team and market "presence".

Our contacts in this business have many years of experience, as well as, expertise. Depending on an artist's needs, if the artist actually qualifies as a talent who is on a successful trajectory and has the drive that says; "I won't be denied," we may from time to time engage those aspects of their careers and help direct their energies towards the right approach, per a specific request.

Please refer yourself to the "Production Services" page for the price list.

Rest assured, what we know and who we know, is well worth your hard earned dollars.

Art of any kind is only worth something when it finds an audience willing to pay for it. That is always the trickiest part of the venture. Marketing it. The "silver bullit" has always been uniqueness and undeniable genius recognized by the national press.

The professionals we service know this better than their competitors.

We're here to help any way we can. Novices in the arts world can also benefit from us.

Thank you for your interest. - Shani R. Davis

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