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Please be aware that there are no warranties, express or implied as to the below listed contracts. These are form agreements that need to be adapted to each legal situation and contractual agreement. They are not a substitute for legal advice and the use of these agreements should be discussed with an attorney in your state for advice for use of these agreements in your state and for use with your specific situation. By choosing to purchase and use these agreements you acknowledge that you have read this disclaimer and agree to its terms and acknowledge that you have not been advised by us regarding the specific laws of your state.

1. Publishing Contract $150.00

2. Assignment of Copyright $50.00

3. Mechanical License $25.00

4. Agency Booking Agreements (Purchaser & Artists) $50.00

5. Foreign Agency Contract $50.00

6. Agreement of Obligation to Pay $5.00

7. Artists’ Management Contract $150.00

8. Personal Management Contract $150.00

9. Artist Producer Contract $25.00

10. Artist Recording Contract $25.00

11. Artist Technical Rider $5.00

12. Booking Contract (Employer & Musicians) $5.00

13. Broadcast Rights License $25.00

14. Broadcast Recording Contract $50.00

15. Broadcast Release $10.00

16. Commercial Music Contract $50.00

17. Composer’s Contract $25.00

18. Concert Performance Contract $25.00

19. Co-Publishing Contract $50.00

20. Copyright Assignment (Publisher to publisher) $150.00

21. Copyright Assignment (Publisher to Songwriter) $25.00

22. Copyright License (Non-Exclusive Rights) $75.00

23. Copyright License Contract (Non-Exclusive Rights) $75.00


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