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logo.fwVets Journey Home is an organization dedicated to helping veterans with emotional issues from time in military service. Vets Journey Home focuses on PTSD, MST (Military Sexual Trauma), emotional guilt and trauma many veterans carry with them long after their time in service. These are feelings that are hard to release to family and friends who have not experienced them. Vets Journey Home is committed to giving veterans the Welcome Home they deserved and helping them heal their hearts and bring peace to their souls.

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Since then, our country has been involved in many conflicts and wars. They also discovered that the emotional wounds many veterans carry can also come from service in peacetime – it is not only combat that wounds the heart.

In 2005, VietNam veteran Gene McMahon took over the lead for this work and re-named the program Vets Journey Home, to be inclusive of all veterans. Today, Gene is joined by other instructors and a large community of volunteers, both veteran and civilian, who desire to serve those who served our country, by offering this compassionate and welcoming retreat, where any story is heard without judgment.

In Memoriam


Some of you never met AL Fletcher, the man whose jacket often occupies a seat next to the instructor at each Vets Journey Home. Here is a piece I made for his memorial service long ago. I was surprised I still had it.

Thank You, I appreciate the Healing & Help!

Attention: All Veterans this is a Go To Retreat; Stop being a Victim and Get Your Dignity and Respect that you have always had.

Your Reporter Shani Davis




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