Thank you for your support to make possible the Nancy Green head stone dedication on Sat. September 5, 2020. More than 80 individuals participated in the Zoom celebrating the legacy and life of Mrs. Nancy Green – the Original Aunt Jemima. The Society collected a total of $6 thousand dollars in donations from individuals, community leaders, families, and businesses to purchase a fitting marker for her grave. We are forever grateful for your contribution of administration, technology assistance, staffing, and bringing in talented artists Maggie Brown and Charles “Chuck-A-Luck” Hosch to make the dedication a success.

Bronzevill Historical Society - Sherry Williams

Greetings! Shani, and the TAPS staff organizaion. We The Bronzeville Historical Society team had a great time at The Video/ Photoshoot last Monday. Thanks for keeping the team Focus and whenever we need to solve a problem in getting something done you are always at the rescue always. I thank you for your unconditional support of the Nancy Green the Orginal Aunt Jemima ongoing project and after all, it was you that brought me to this note-worthy historical project, and Just wanna thank You! Cheers!

Charlie Hosch Jr. AKA Chuckaluck - Bass Tribe Nations

I'm the producer and host of The Fast Blac Show. I would like to say that the services and time that I have received and spent with Taps LLC was very much worth the experience and work along with meeting many wonderful people.

Bryan Brown AKA 7even

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